“Tom is a world class voice teacher on the level of those I have worked with in Vienna, Paris and elsewhere.” — Janet Chvatal

“While Tom Blaylock has been instrumental as a technical guide, his greatest strength lies with his ability to suss out a singer’s strong and weak points and apply the proper remedies to help get rid of bad habits, deficiencies and plain lack of understanding of one’s own tools … Tom also has the wider breadth of knowledge that affords him the right to comment on taste, usage of slang, vocal slurs and such, other more street-type effects singers may choose to accomplish in the pursuit of communicating a song lyric effectively … A natural approach with the most pleasing possible tone is one of Tom’s greatest contributions to my work.” — Gino Vanelli

“Thomas Blaylock possesses a rare combination of artistic and personal qualities which make him an absolutely exceptional teacher. He is first and foremost, passionately committed to the health and longevity of the voice. This qualifies him as few others in his field as a true “teacher” of the instrument. His years of investigation and research both pedagogically and practically (with a private studio of hundreds of students) has resulted in a masterful understanding of the proper function of the voice.” — Mark W. Greenawalt, DMA, Chair of Applied Music Studies and Associate Professor of Voice, Liberty University

“I have worked with Tom Blaylock for many years. We have had many mutual patients with varying voice problems. Tom is my first choice, in fact, my only choice, for patients with vocal nodules and related conditions.” —  Richard A. Hodgson MD, ENT (now retired)

“My patients get the best results for stabilization of their voice from Tom Blaylock and his Systematized Approach to Vocal Function.” — James P. Thomas, MD ENT

“Tom Blaylock has been invaluable in helping voice users and singers regain control of their voice.” — Wes Lewis, MD ENT

“Through learning Tom’s Systematized Approach to regaining my voice has made it possible for me to resume my work as a church Pastor.” — James McGuire

“Tom Blaylock has devised a system for training the physical voice based in logical, organized principles that give the singer a voice they can trust.  By having an ordered set of exercises, the guess work is taken out of how to exercise the voice in a way that gives dependable results.  Not only is Tom a great vocal technician, though, he is also a teacher of teachers.  By taking his summer seminars and private lessons, I’ve learned teaching techniques that have fundamentally shaped my understanding of voice and how to share that knowledge with others.” —
Liz Johnson Schafer