What is the Northwest Institute of Voice?

The Northwest Institute of Voice (NWIV) came into existence as a result of years of teaching singers and my personal performing experiences. After developing music departments in public schools, community college, and working within university environments, it was clear there was a need for a training forum for singers of all styles, as well as choral teachers and private studio teachers. Add in those singers or public speakers whose voices had been damaged by overuse or improper use. They all needed a place for further instruction. Read more

Who is Thomas R. Blaylock?

Thomas R. Blaylock is a “Singing Voice Specialist” (i.e. specializing in vocal function for singers), voice teacher, voice scientist, performer and conductor. He taught voice and choral music in high school to university level from 1968 to 1981 and has had a private voice studio since 1968. He founded the Northwest Institute of Voice in 1982 and serves as President/Executive Director.  Read more …

What is the Blaylock Vocal Method?

The Blaylock Vocal Method is an integrated approach to vocal artistry by establishing the conditions to balance the voice, achieving the desired results of vocal artistry and endurance. You may consider this as musical artistry which demands techniques that must be engineered for lasting function of the vocal instrument.

The results of my vocal system may sound like the routine of many voice teachers. In some 50 years of teaching singers with this system, the resulting improvement in singers has become predictable. Although I have developed an integrated theory that accounts for my observations, for now, it is just important to know that if you explicitly follow the system, you should develop a lasting vocal technique. The integration of the principles is discussed at great length in my book Achieving Artistic Vocal Performance.

How do I purchase the book?

The book is in final editing stages.  Please use the Contact Us form to indicate you wish to be notified when the book is complete.

How do I purchase the exercises?

I have learned over the years that those who succeed using my system have been coached through the method by me or one of the certified associates of NWIV. Our primary goal is to protect voices, whether they are newly developing, rehabilitating, or on a maintenance regimen.

For that reason, only those who are currently studying with me or an associate can purchase the materials at this time.

How do I find a certified associate?

Please use the Contact Us form to request information regarding a certified associate or to request a personal session with Thomas R. Blaylock.

For those who wish to use the system for their own benefit, a minimum of eight (8) half-hour lessons seems to provide a very basic foundation on which they can build.

How can I use your method for my own students?

For those who wish to use the system as certified associates to instruct others, considerably more time and training is needed. All certified associates are required to complete one training seminar and to be recertified annually.

The certification seminar is five-days long, with a certification exam at the end. Each day consists of five-hours of classroom-style training. Observing individual lessons for four days during the seminar is helpful but not required. An alternative for certification may also be obtained by completing 25 one-hour sessions with me, in studio or via an Internet-based format.

Please use the Contact Us form to request information regarding a certified associate or to request a personal session with Thomas R. Blaylock.