The Northwest Institute of Voice (NWIV) came into existence as a result of years of teaching singers and my personal performing experiences. After developing music departments in public schools, community college, and working within university environments, it was clear there was a need for a training forum for singers of all styles, as well as choral teachers and private studio teachers. Add in those singers or public speakers whose voices had been damaged by overuse or improper use. They all needed a place for further instruction.
In the more “traditional” method of studio voice teaching, singers learn techniques through the singing of songs and are coached through language, phrasing, etc.
NWIV came into being because, there was a need for an institute to train singers/teachers as artistic coaches of vocal literature in all styles concurrently with vocal technique. The systematized method I have developed integrates artistic vocal performance and functional vocal/singing technique.

A forum exists where teachers of singing or teachers in many different educational settings can learn a method to produce singers who can go out into any market, be it classical, opera, choral, commercial, musical theater (Broadway), church choir, etc.. This is also where professional singers can come to help them maintain a consistent functional voice.

There are also those lovers of music who “just want to sing,” who love singing so much they just want to be able to do it better for their own gratification.

I work with people from all of these divergent walks of musical life, and because of the consistency the system allows, singers progress to higher levels of performance and enjoyment. Voices which were natural in a young singer but changed over the course of time, as well as damaged voices, are able to find new life by using the Blaylock Vocal Method: Vocal Artistry and Functional Singing Technique Resulting from an Integration with Voice Science.

Singers who have never sung before, but have always wanted to find improvements, do so through using this system. And those students who wish to go on and become teachers themselves find a supportive training environment which allows them to develop their own private studio practice.